Chase Freedom vs Sapphire Preferred

Chase’s rewards cards options are pretty difficult to top – most of them feature no annual fees, longer introductory APR periods, and a competitive cash back or points rewards option to boot. Not only that, you get big sign-up bonuses and the ability to pool rewards between your Chase products through the Chase Ultimate Rewards … Read more

Discover it vs. Chase Freedom

Cash back rewards cards are a great thing, but sometimes their rewards don’t go much higher than 1% or 2%. Enter the Discover it and Chase Freedom cards, two robust cash back rewards cards that give you a whopping 5% cash back on certain categories of purchases. What sets them apart from the pack is not … Read more

Discover it vs. Discover it Chrome

Discover’s a great company with some solid cash back rewards card options – however, between their two big offerings – the Discover it and Discover it Chrome – it can be hard to decide which one might be best for you. Basically, the main differences come down to the way their cash back programs are structured … Read more

Chase Slate vs Freedom

Chase offers different cards for different purposes, but they all tend to be fairly solid entries in their respective categories. For instance, while the Chase Slate is a pretty decent balance transfer card, the Chase Freedom card allows you to benefit from robust cash back rewards and efficient means of redeeming them. While they’re both Chase … Read more

Chase Freedom vs. Freedom Unlimited

Chase’s Freedom cards are virtually identical when it comes to most features, with one notable exception in how they do cash back rewards – the original Freedom card offers an unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases, with a 5% tier for certain bonus categories each quarter, while the Freedom Unlimited does away with that … Read more

Discover it Chrome Review

Gas and dining can often be our most cost-intensive purchases; whether we’re going out to eat, or getting to work, we spend a lot of our hard-earned dollars at the restaurant and at the pump. To that end, it’s useful to have a cash back rewards card that gives you a little extra back for … Read more

Mastercard Titanium Review

Sometimes, having a good, efficient rewards credit card isn’t enough. Sometimes, that card has to look good too – hefty, imposing and impressive in your hand. Titanium cards are perfect for this, making you feel like a king while you make your purchases. The Barclay Mastercard Titanium Card is one such card, with a metal … Read more