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Moneymunk’s mission is to help people understand credit and credit cards.

We do this primarily by using our expertise to  review credit cards offered by banks and other credit companies, aggregating information available on the web and adding value by offering commentary, curation, comparisons, and alternatives.

Our Team

Please note that, while our team has worked for some major financial institutions (and while we list them to help you understand why you should listen to us), none of us are currently affiliated with any institution, which is important when considering the objectivity of our reviews.

Eric Richards – Cofounder

Before coming to Moneymunk, Eric worked in the credit card division of Citbank, where he gained extensive experience in both the business and consumer side of the credit cards industry. He understands what makes credit card issuers tick, and he’s spent hundreds of hours talking to credit card consumers. Eric’s is also an avid traveler, giving him special personal expertise in travel credit cards.

Sadie Hanley Macali – Fact Checker

Sadie moonlights as Moneymunk’s fact checker and brings signficant financial expertise to the position. She was a Sr. Assistant Financial Center Manager at Chase bank for 4 years and oversaw both the operations and lending platform of the branch. She’s also a business graduate where most of my core courses were finance related ( i.e. accounting, statistics, finance, economics, etc.). She currently works in the loan and grants division in her day job.

Clint Worthington – Finance Writer

Clint is a long time writer, editor and researcher. He’s worked in lots of industries but specializes in entertainment and finance. Clint is passionate about the ethical side of consumer spending and views his work here as a kind of consumer advocacy. He’s passionate about entertainment and enjoys writing about credit cards that provide those kinds of swanky benefits. He’d also like you to know he has a pretty cool podcast about his favorite TV shows.

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